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No one knows how darkness spread across the Earth, how monsters roamed the land or when the purge competition amongst the best warriors got started to exterminate these monsters for great bounties.

However, the legend says, in the ancient times there was a great kingdom ruled under the leadership of a great king whom people loved him for his fair ruling and had been living peacefully until the fateful day arrived, when a farmer found a box with weird carvings on it.

The farmer took it straight to the King and told him of what happened. The king wondered of these weird carvings on the box and summoned the priests and soothsayers, trying to figure out the secret that these weird carvings can tell, but they couldn’t.

Until somebody said that he heard about an old sage who lives among the ancient books; at that moment, the king ordered his knights to search for him everywhere, the knights roamed the earth until one day they found him and brought him before the king.

When this man knew about the box and saw the weird carvings on it, he told the king that it contains a great evil that might destroy the whole earth. The king drew his sword and tried to smash the box. But the sword broke into pieces. Thereafter, the old sage told the king that the box would only be opened by the master of an absolute evil.

Informed of the situation, the king ordered his minister to take the best knights and warriors of the kingdom and go too far in order to dig a deep hole for putting the box in and to be sealed and covered by a layer of the molten iron.

On their way, the minister felt like somebody is whispering in his ears and telling him a spell. And if he could cast the spell on the box, he would be the only ruler on earth and no one would be able to defeat him.

The minister was charmed by what he heard and did what he was asked to do perfectly. Suddenly, a Plume of thick black smoke released from the box and surrounded the minister, knights and soldiers, except for one knight who managed to flee out of this smoke and escape.


However, when this knight looked back, no traces of the minister, the knights nor soldiers have been found. He only found very scary monsters.

Accordingly, he rushed to the king and told him the story. The king had to mobilize his army to head directly to the place where a great battle took place, in which bravest knights and soldiers died and turned into monsters belonging to the minister, who, since then, has been nicknamed “The Mighty Darkness”.

The king began to excite a general alarm throughout the kingdom and raise armies. In addition, huge prizes were announced for those who kill the largest number of monsters and the biggest prize for the one who brings the head of the minister before the king. So the knights and soldiers went throughout the kingdom, aspiring to purge their land and collect gold.

By this time, prizes have become common to this day, and everyone is looking for monsters to kill and money to earn.

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True Money Games is a universal ecosystem where anybody can win tokens through skilled and gifted gameplay. Players can prank, battle, challenge, compete and build their own characters, items and convert them to NFT.

True Money Games are a series of diversified games that combines fun, competition, battle, racing, among others. The most important part of our Gaming Project is that it acts as a bank for our community and their families through just playing and having fun. In other words, play, have fun, earn money and have fun every day.

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